Anime Embraces the King of All Sports! Ping Pong!

This week’s article is a little late, as I’m worse for wear, having attended the anime all-nighter at the Stratford Picture House. There were some really beautiful anime such Patema Inverted and really silly ones such Space Dandy. I had a great time and would love to extend my thanks to everyone at Sci-Fi London.

As part of last year’s programme, Sci-Fi London showed the brilliant Wuxia/Steampunk flick double bill, Tai Chi Zero and Tai Chi Hero, which I was extremely excited and proud to see. You can find my review here:

On the subject of anime, here’s a new anime I found about Ping Pong, with Chinese characters speaking Mandarin, and being pretty badass.

If you want your fix of Chinese Sci-Fi, check out Deformity Sci-Fi at the Chinese Visual Festival in May.

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