A Brief History of Dong Hua: Taster

It all began in 1922. Between 1922 and 45 was a period when China discovered and explored animation for itself. The main force behind early Chinese animation were three classically trained art students from Shanghai, the Wan brothers, who taught themselves the techniques of animation from studying 20s American cartoons such as Out of the Ink Well, Popeye and Betty Boop. The very first Dong Hua movie, “Uproar In the Studio”, was born in 1926 in a 7 square metre room in Zha Bei district of Shanghai.

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CamCon: 2014

Guest appearance.

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Chinese Culture Programme: ReadCon 2013-14

The creation of ReadCon was part of the flourishing of the British animation convention scene within the last decade. Held on the campus of Reading University, this convention focused on home grown indie comics and crafts.

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UK Film Premier at King’s College, 2011

“Dedication” is a film about the traditional ways of life of TCM doctors in China’s Guang Xi region, inspired by the renown doctor Ban Xiuwen.

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Chinese Culture Programme: Kitacon 2010-2012

Around 2009, I began working with an exciting new anime convention starting up at Northampton, to devise a suitable prgramme of events on China, as part of the effort to diversify the convention’s content and make it more inclusive of other Asian cultures.

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“Endless: A Collection”, 2010

The art, poetry and prose of Professor Sherman Lin

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Yao Gun: Chinese Rock Part I

Long before Star Wars ever entered the Chinese consciousness, May the 4th was celebrated in China in a similar spirit, but for very different reasons. The passionate, patriotic and pro-reformist movement of May the 4th, 1919, has been remembered in history as a representative of the spirit of youth. On this May the 4th 2018, I’m starting a mini series of articles to look at a musical form that is inseparable with Youth, rock n’roll. As a musical genre that is entirely Western, and hardly heard of the 1980s, Rock Music took root in China, an extremely conformist society where alternative lifestyles were virtually unheard of, against incredible odds, in bizarre and unexpected ways, and became Yao Gun. It is the story that arose from the world’s plastic dumping ground, a tale of hungry minds, bleeding wallets, tireless transcriptions, countless disseminations, long sweaty bicycle rides, makeshift drum-kits, close encounters with the authorities, and much more.

Are you ready to Yao Gun?

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UK Premier of Stormriders: Clash of Evils, 2008

As part of the Chinese Animation Day at the University of Leicester, in collaboration with major UK convention Amecon

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Vision of the Other Side, 2006

My first published translation of Chinese fiction.

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Hakkasan, Hanway Place

Being a purist and a classicist, I have stayed away from “fusion” cuisines in the past, having previously been unimpressed by certain Asian specimens of these in London. However, with the opening of Shikumen, now one of my favourite places for Dim Sums in this city, I became more convinced that Chinese cuisine could be reinterpreted and modernized without losing its essence. I decided to try Hakkasan, Hanway Place at last, with a friend.

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