Terracotta Distribution 2011-2014

It was a pleasure working with Joey and Claire at Terracotta Films.

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CamCon: 2014

Guest appearance.

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Chinese Culture Programme: ReadCon 2013-14

The creation of ReadCon was part of the flourishing of the British animation convention scene within the last decade. Held on the campus of Reading University, this convention focused on home grown indie comics and crafts.

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UK Film Premier at King’s College, 2011

“Dedication” is a film about the traditional ways of life of TCM doctors in China’s Guang Xi region, inspired by the renown doctor Ban Xiuwen.

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Chinese Culture Programme: Kitacon 2010-2012

Around 2009, I began working with an exciting new anime convention starting up at Northampton, to devise a suitable prgramme of events on China, as part of the effort to diversify the convention’s content and make it more inclusive of other Asian cultures.

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“Endless: A Collection”, 2010

The art, poetry and prose of Professor Sherman Lin

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UK Premier of Stormriders: Clash of Evils, 2008

As part of the Chinese Animation Day at the University of Leicester, in collaboration with major UK convention Amecon

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From Sandmonks to Spirit Bombs: A Taster

In the 7th century, the monk Xuanzang traveled from the capital of China to the middle of India. He journeyed through hundreds of states and countries, over 17 years and brought back 657 sutras. He recounted his experiences to the imperial court, and these were transcribed as Records of Western Regions Visited During the Great Tang. Xuanzang’s disciples / then wrote his biography, embellishing it with encounters and examples of Buddhist teaching. In the same way that any story told often enough begins to grow, the story of Xuanzang’s journey to the west would become the stuff of legends.

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QMUL Confucius Institute Movie Night: Monkey Magic!

We are comingto the end of the Chinese Year of the Monkey, a year that was celebrated in the cinema with the release of “Monkey King 2″, the follow up to the 2014 Donnie Yen film. The Monkey, Sun Wukong, with his origins in the classic text “Journey to the West”, has now become an international symbol of Chinese culture, as important to China’s overseas image as Confucius, Mao Ze Dong, and Bruce Lee.

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Introducing the QMUL Confucius Institute Movie Night

I have the pleasure of presenting the first QMUL Confucius Institute Movie Night. Here’s a little from my introduction.

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