Cheeseburger Jiaozi

Usually, “fusion food” is a worrying term for me. However, having come across the cheeseburger dumpling, it seemed like a dongsi recipe that could work well, so we tried making them at home.

very finely chopped onions
very finely chopped and pressed dill pickles
shredded and pressed lettuce
a spoon full of tomato ketchup
well-kneaded Jiaozi dough (see my traditional recipe here)


This was enough to make 16 (2×8) dumplings, so we tore off 16 small balls of dough and rolled them out into thin round pancakes about 2.5” wide

My partner folded them, so they look more like Cornish Pasties, but as long as it keeps the filling in, and the water out, it’s all good!

The cheese sauce is an entirely western one. Milk, cheese, butter, flour (add mustard and cayenne to make it more interesting.

Hard to take pictures through the steam, but these were boiled, had water added, brought back to the boil.. 3 times in total.

Cheese sauce and ketchup on top.

I have to say, it felt very strange, with them looking like eastern food, but tasting so western! I think if I were making them again, I would fry them rather than boil.

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