I’m always plotting the next piece, and have explored many aspects of Chinese culture, from tea, literature, music, to cinema, beliefs, pop art, to cultural icons, traditions and food, in my writing, whether it is a feature article, an essay, or a book. You can find some of these resources on my website under the Culture and Commentary sections,  links to my articles published on other platforms and information on my books in Projects. I have plenty of ideas rolling but would love to discuss ways of collaborating.


Cultural consultancy 

The representation of Chinese culture in global media has been a history of hit and miss, due to the lack of understanding, prevalence of misunderstanding. With diversity movements across media and industries being well underway, and more minority voices being are now being heard, I can provide sensitivity reads, checks and culture consultations to ensure that my heritage culture is appreciated, rather than appropriated.


Literary translation

With native-level English, Mandarin and Cantonese, I’m also an accomplished literary translator.  Since 2005, with occasional interpreting and film subtitling project I’ve picked up along the way, and collaborated with a variety of publishers, including Drama Queen, Beijing Culture and Arts Publishing House and Rebellion Publishing. You can find out more about these in Translation and Press. There is so much excellent contemporary genre fiction I want to bring to anglophone readers. If you’re an SFF publisher or agent searching for more diverse fiction, please get in touch. I’m also more than happy to curate anthologies and collections.



I’m available to give talks and lectures, host events, and quite happy to discuss any element of Chinese culture, its roles and representation in the global anglophone sphere.


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