Cui Min White Tea (The Tea Exchange)

organic-cui-min-qingshan-white-teaDowny white leaves mixed with darker leaves, rolled into elegant waves, are a pleasure for the eye to see. It is evident they are young buds carefully selected. The distinct fruity scent of apricots speaks of sunlight over the mountains. An elegant pale gold liquid. The aroma is very light, yet the taste is surprisingly mellow, rounded and deep, more tannin than fruity.

Brew for 1-3 minutes. 1 teaspoon per cup. Water temperature should be 75-80 Celcius, not boiling. The leaves are picked in Spring, grown in the temperate climate, moist, fertile soil and misty mountains of Hunan. For the connoisseur, this is an interesting change from the Silver Needle, the Shou Mei and Bai Mu Dan. A delight for a hot summer afternoon that cools one down with a gentle lift.

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