Gu Yu

48c63ca744b4406cbbd4cThis week ushers in谷雨 (Gu Yu), literally “grain rain” , one of the twenty four seasons of the lunar calendar.

As the last season of Spring, Gu Yu is the point at which temperatures rise and crops flourish.  In the old days, spell tags are placed around fields to ward off pests. Some of these are pretty imaginative (left).

Gu Yu is a time for outdoor activities to boost one’s vital energy, followed by nutritious steamed eel, goji berries and quail soup. The year’s best crop of Chinese toon, a perennial hardwood native to China, the leaves and shoots of which can be cooked as an aromatic vegetable, is enjoyed in omelettes, dumplings and pancakes. Gu Yu is also a time for appreciating peonies in bloom and drinking tea.

I leave you with my review of a spring tea.

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