On Chinese Geek Part 1

From the outside, China has a unified people. It presents itself as a united country when dealing with any outsiders, though internally, they are proud of the 56 ethnic groups which make up the whole. Each region having its own customs and rich history.

These days, with the increasingly widespread presence of mobile phones, wifi and other communication channels, new communities spring up, and new tribal lines are drawn. One of the nascent new people of China, are a community whose mythic stories star giant robots, whose traditional dress is Cosplay, and whose folk dances consist of spinning leeks.

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Looking Back on Kitacon Invasion 2014

There is an event that returned to Birmingham after a year’s hiatus. everyone at Kitacon was tremendously excited to attend, and seemed to have had a fantastic time. Apart from catching con flu early, and having to spend the first two nights in bed, I had a great time. This week’s article will be a souvenir to a great convention in 2014. Still recovering from editing the con book (which looks spectacular by the way, mainly due to so many amazing articles and illustrations), this was the first convention in a long time where I was not a guest, or presenting part of the programme. Apart from one panel on KPop, Kitacon was mainly a Japanese anime convention, with some Western geekery dispersed through it. You might wonder why I’m devoting space on this Chinese culture site to it. Actually, there was more Chinese culture going on than you’d think. First of all it was great to watch the entire FATE series, which the Kitacon crew have filmed over two years. A parody secret agent web series, FATE deals with issues within the otaku community. Kitacon saw all three stories finally on the big screen back to back, followed by a finale which opened the festival. I’m actually in the first and last episodes, playing a vampy Chinese triad boss, who turns out to be a deadly robot assassin. Making obvious references to Hard Boiled, Hard Subbed made use of footage we actually filmed in China, the sound and lights looked fantastic Continue Reading →

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