5 Other Major Chinese Festivals Besides CNY

You may think that as Chinese New Year comes to an end, there isn’t much else you can comfortably tap into to enjoy until the next one. That is not the case. Chinese life, even in the 21st century, is closely connected to their traditional festivals, of which there is a full calendar all year round. Here are five more you can look forward to after Spring Festival.

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The Romance of Lantern Festival, and Its Bizarre Customs

Lantern Festival or 元宵节 (“Yuan Xiao Jie”) falls on the 15th of the first month of the Chinese lunar year. It is an important time, being the end of Spring Festival celebrations when people actually begin their year, and the first full moon.

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Xiao Nian – Little New Year

小年 (“Xiao Nian”), or Little New Year, falls on the 23rd of the month of La, which, as explained in my previous article on La Ba, is the month preceding New Year.

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