The Awesome Panda Power of Turning Red

There is something special about seeing yourself on the big screen, and if not yourself, then someone who you can see yourself as, or recognise yourself in. This is one reason why Pixar’s Turning Red has been such a big thing, coming out at a time when it looked as though the studio would sooner do another movie following Bugs’ Lives, than putting an East-Asian in the protagonists driving seat.

Now, I’ve never been a ‘Disney kid’, so I was still cautious as I sat down to watch the film, having been stung twice by the mouse’s Mulan. But… I was charmed, enthralled, and thoroughly entertained by the story, and of course, characters who looked like me.

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Bad Pandas

Pandas are one of the most universal symbols of China. As an endangered species, their cute and cuddly image have touched countless hearts around the world, transcended political and cultural barriers. They are the logo for the World Wide Fund, through which you can adopt a panda, get cute photos and updates on their lives. Not to mention the hundreds of panda related items we fill our lives with, from cuddly toys and cartoons, to accessories and stationery. Yet throughout recent history, despite their constantly adorable fuzzy exterior, some have remained undeceived.

They know what pandas really are, bears with attitude.

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Panda Politics

As this week’s rocky Scottish referendum slowly settles, with the outcome much to the relief of many, and chagrin of others, I can’t help but think about Yang Guang and Tian Tian, the giant pandas at the Edinburgh Zoo.

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