No.32 Emperor Sencha

After a hectic month of conventions (attending and speaking at), I finally have a chance to continue my mini tea reviews, just what I need to relax and reset after an extremely busy season. Today I’ll be looking at Teafield’s No.32 Emperor Sencha.

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The Way of Tea

The tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, is an ever-green of the Camellia family native to the south of China. The tradition of tea drinking began in the time of Shen Nong. Initially, tea was deemed to be a medicinal herb. During the western Han Dynasty, tea became a drink in its own right.

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2014 Dragon Well Gold From Jing Tea

A review of this year’s premium chop of Xi Hu Long Jing, Mingqian, picked from Mei Jia Wu, courtesy of Jing Tea.

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