2015 White Knight Silver Needle (Teafields)

Now that Christmas , New Year, and Chinese New Year have all passed, it’s time to detox and freshen up for the year ahead. What could be better than tasting Spring in a pot of supreme white tea? Here’s a review of Teafield’s White Knight Silver Needle. 

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2015 Traditional Iron Buddha Supreme (JING)

What with my December tea tasting talk and the pre-Christmas bustle, I thought I’d save my review of this lovely chop from Jing until January.

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2014 Dragon Well Gold From Jing Tea

A review of this year’s premium chop of Xi Hu Long Jing, Mingqian, picked from Mei Jia Wu, courtesy of Jing Tea.

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Fangcun Tea Markets: The Tea Ware

Previously on Tea Brewers: Prime…or last time I wrote about the Fancun Tea market, I talked about buying a variety of quality tea from Messieurs Tian Bao Xiang, but the place is about so much more than just tea itself, and I was about to delve into the labyrinthine depths of the market.

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Fangcun Tea Markets: The Leaves

When I was a little girl, I was told that if I misbehaved, I’d be sent to Fangcun, the then still largely rural area on the edge of Guangzhou, synonymous with its mental institute. Despite its charming name, 芳村, meaning fragrant village, it was seen as a remote and rather forbidding place. In the past few decades however, economic growth and urban development have made good use of the space on this islet, and the extended metro system has made it a perfect site for furniture and decoration hypermarkets, whilst the greenery and calm of the area has attracted those whose pleasure boats line the canals.

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