Chinese Zodiac Tales

There is a plethora of legends and folk tales on the origins of the order of the Chinese zodiac, the shi’er shengxiao. One popular tale is that of the animals being invited to heaven to wish the Jade Emperor well on his birthday. The animals raced to get there. 

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What does Twelfth Night Have in Common with Spring Festival?

To the Chinese, Spring Festival is as big, important and family orientated as Christmas. In fact the two have some rather similar traditions on ushering in good luck. During Victorian times Twelfth Night, the end of Christmas on the 6th of January, was still celebrated. Do you know that popular children’s game? Whoever finds the dry bean in the cake gets to be king, whoever finds the dry pea gets to be queen and everyone else has to wait on the king and queen. Provided you don’t choke on them, finding the dry bean or dry pea represents good luck coming your way.

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