On Chinese Horror Part III: HK Zombie Movies

Continuing on with my series on Chinese Horror, I want to talk about Jiang Shi or 僵尸, and the films that have made them the overriding image of the Chinese Supernatural.

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On Chinese Horror Part II: the Ancient Jiang Shi

In honour of World Zombie Day, this week I am writing about Chinese zombies, which had existed for 900 years before the movies.

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On Chinese Horror: Part I

This year’s Zhong Yuan or Ghost Month, took place in August, and Xia Yuan is not until December. Nevertheless, with the crisp scent and keenness of the autumn air, I feel the delicious anticipation for the Western festival of All Hallow’s Eve. Today I’m going to tell you a little about Chinese horror and Chinese attitude to ghosts, and throughout the month I’ll be writing about the Chinese horror genre in various art forms.

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