“The Chinese Don’t Do Sci-Fi?!” A Reading List

CFS1As so many of you have asked for reading lists or further reading after my “The Chinese Don’t Do Sci-Fi?!” (teaser here) talk and again at the subsequent discussion panel, I’m publishing the list here, to share with you all.

It’s tempting to link to the sites where the translated versions are available in English, but I don’t want to spoil the process of discovery. These are just the works I have discussed the cultural significance of in my talk, in the order they appeared there. You may find different ones on your own journeys of exploration. I hope you will also share your thoughts on these with me.

Ye Yonglie, writer of great Chinese science fiction classics, says in one of his works,
“At the beginning, there were no roads on Earth. Roads, they are trodden out by people”.


“The New Aventures of Mr Conch”, 1905, Xu Nianci

“Cat Country”, 1932, Lao She

“Xiao Ling Tong Roams the Future”, 1961, Ye Yonglie

“Death Ray on Coral Island”, 1978, Tong Enzheng

“Lagrange Graveyard”, 1997, Wang Jinkang

“Ant Life”, 2007, Wang Jinkang

“Tong Tong’s Summer”, 2013, Xia Jia

“Subway”, 2010, Han Song

“Security Check”, 2014, Han Song

“City of Silence”, 2005, Ma Boyong

“The Fish of Lijiang”, 2006, Chen Qiufan

“The Coming of the Light”, 2015, Chen Qiufan

“The Year of the Rat”, 2009, Chen Qiufan

“Folding Beijing”, 2012, Hao Jingfang

“The Three Body Problem”, 2008, Liu Cixin

“A Hundred Ghosts Parade Tonight”, 2010, Xia Jia

“Hunger Tower”, 2004, Pan Haitian

“Away From Home”, 2007, Luo Longxiang

“Pepe”, 2014, “A Universal Elegy”, 2015, “Call Girl”, 2014, Tang Fei

“Chimera”, 2015, Gu Shi

“Exuviation”, 2001, Zhao Haihong


I will be touring this talk around the UK over the next year or so. If you know of a venue or event that would be interested in featuring this or any of my other talks, please use the contacts page to drop my a line.



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