The Current State and Trends of Translated SF In China and Translated Chinese SF Around the World

My work is primarily aimed at Anglophone readers and audiences, anyone, wherever they come from or live, who is interested in China, its interactions with the world, the development of Chinese cultures and manifestations thereof in the arts and media. As an exceptionally outward-facing nation, China has previously been far mored interested in importing foreign works to broaden its horizons. It was a surprise and of course, a pleasant one to have interest from China itself, which being my birth country, feels special.

Thank you to the Babel Chinese SF Group, Science Fiction Division of the China Science Research Centre, China Writer’s Association and World Chinese Science Fiction Journal for holding this forum of translators, industry experts and for inviting me along. It was certainly interesting to get different perspectives from translators working in other languages than Chinese, English and the SF industry in China.

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