Thoughts on Diversity in Publishing

14 years ago, I asked myself, what do you do with a B.A. in English and an innate understanding of Chinese culture? Alongside my translation and public speaking, I began a career in publishing, to the consternation of my family and social circle. Writing China came to me later, and this has put me in a better position to tell you about this now.

I ended up in book production by chance and chose to stay. Increasingly, I find myself drawing comparisons between the role of a production controller, to that of a person of colour in publishing. Overlooked by most, tolerated at best, yet vital to realising the book from a merely concept to a finished product that serves its purpose to educate, inspire and entertain, ensuring that the creative process falls sustains the business, and vice versa. You see the bigger picture and you are always there, using your specialisations to ensure that all problems are fixed, whether you voice is heard or not.

So whether you are a POC writer, marketing executive or rights assistant, know that you are making publishing content more diverse, the publishing environment more inclusive, and all in all, a better place to make use of the unique skills and talent your background and insight brings to the industry for people like us. 

I leave you with an inspiring article by Knights of HQ.

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